States With Legal Sports Betting

The only states that have legal sports betting are Nevada and Delaware. Unfortunately, Delaware’s betting options leave something to be desired. They do have online sites, but only Delaware residents are allowed to use them. They have land-based sportsbooks, but the betting options are limited. You can only bet on certain sports at certain times of the year. That leaves Nevada, which has great options in Las Vegas and Reno. Since most people live nowhere near either of those cities, online sports betting is the best option. While most states don’t have their own online sportsbooks, you can legally use online sites that are based outside of the United States.

How Do I Know If Sports Betting Is Legal In My State

If it’s an online sportsbooks based outside of the United States, it is legal. The only sportsbooks based in America are in Nevada and Delaware. If you are not a resident of either of those respective states, you cannot use their sportsbooks. The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) succeeded in outlawing sportsbooks in all but the aforementioned states. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) made is so that online sportsbooks could not take money from bettors. The Wire Act of 1961 outlawed the transferring of currency of wager information across state lines. Overseas sites, however, are not required to follow any of these US laws. Therefore they are legal. Even if they weren’t legal, the law doesn’t have any hold over individual US citizens placing bets.

Which States Have Legal Online Sportsbooks?

Because of the stringent federal laws we have already mentioned, most states do not have online sportsbooks. The only ones that do are Nevada and Delaware. You must be resident of those states to use their sportsbooks. The major law that outlawed online sportsbooks was the UIGEA. It was a controversial law that was tacked onto the end of an unrelated bill, the Safe Port Act, and was not actually read by anyone who signed it. Critics maintain that the UIGEA is unconstitutional because it gives special treatment to Nevada and Delaware. Because of the UIGEA, most Americans use sites that are located overseas that fall outside the reach of US law. Most of these sites accept players from all 50 states, so really all states have legal sportsbook options.

Which States Have Legal Land-Based Sportsbooks?

As with online sportsbooks, the only states that have legal land-based sportsbooks are Nevada and Delaware. This is because of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), which only allows four states to regulate their own sportsbooks (Montana and Oregon were given the power to regulate sportsbooks but chose not to). Nevada has some great sportsbooks in Las Vegas and Reno, but Delaware doesn’t really have much. Even though they do have sportsbooks, they are severely limited as to which sports you can bet on. And though Nevada has some of the best sportsbooks, most people live too far away from Las Vegas or Reno to use them. This explains the popularity of online sportsbooks, which are open to most everyone of legal betting age.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Bet?

This all depends on the age laws set by your state. Most states dictate that you must be at least 21 to bet on sports. In some states, the betting age is 18, and in Alabama the legal betting age is 19. Florida, Alaska, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Tennessee, Kentucky, Utah, Vermont, and Virginia do not have state age laws. In these cases, you must be 18 as dictated by the site. The most important thing is to check your state’s age laws.

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Online Sportsbooks That Accept Residents From All 50 States?

Yes gambling for U.S. players is available at trusted US sportsbooks that accept players from all 50 states. As long as you are old enough to bet on sports, you can legally use these sites. Like we have already established, these sites are legal because they are not subject to United States law. There are a few sites that don’t accept all states, but most of them do. Each individual site will tell you which states are and are not accepted.

Benefits Of An Online Sports Betting Sites

There are many benefits of an online sportsbook over a land-based based sportsbook. For example, online sportsbooks offer bonuses that land-based sportsbooks do not. Welcome bonuses offer players as much as 50% on first deposits up to $1,000. Other bonuses include reload bonuses, refer-a-friend bonuses, mobile bonuses, and live in-game bonuses. Online sportsbooks also offer many easy and fast deposit and payout methods, plus cool features like mobile betting, which allows you to access the sportsbook from your smartphone, iphone, BlackBerry, or other mobile device, and live in-game betting, which allow you to bet on the game as it unfolds. With live in-game play, you can bet on specific actions of the game and even watch play-by-play action from multiple angles.

Mobile Sports Betting