Online Poker Sites For US Players

Many people see poker as the genuine article when it comes to gambling. The heart and soul of the betting world. If you are a fan of the historic game like us, you will be interested in how to find the best online poker sites for US players. We have searched the vast jungle of the internet to come up with the best ones, and we will reveal in this article all the things we look for in a great poker site. You can be sure that choosing any of the sites that we review will be a safe and profitable decision, guaranteed to give you hundreds of hours of great poker action.

Are online poker sites legal for U.S. players?

Yes. Hundreds of sites offer legal poker games to players in the U.S. Some are better than others are, as is always the case, so there are some simple things to consider when selecting an online home to enjoy your poker-playing. Does the site offer my game? Texas Hold’Em, Omaha, Hi-Lo – a good site will offer them all. Is the software good? Important, because the software not only provides the graphics, but also is responsible for the security. Am I having fun? That’s the most important question, and one you can only answer after checking them out. We’ll always steer you to the best online poker sites for US players, sites that are reputable and frequented by the pros.

Are Online Poker Sites Regulated In The U.S.?

Here again, there are a few states that offer restricted and heavily regulated online poker games. Nevada and Delaware are up and running, and New Jersey is still crafting its methods, but most Americans must rely on sites outside of the U.S. to play poker online, because these states cannot, under federal law, provide interstate play. Meaning that if there is a poker site in Delaware, only Delaware residents can use it. With the overseas poker sites, US players from all fifty states can sign up and play to their hearts content.

The sites we often visit are based in countries not under the auspices of US congressional control, but they are safe and legal, and that’s why we go there. All of these are operated under the licensing rules of their countries of origin – places like Canada, the United Kingdom, Panama, Curacao, and others with which America has strong relations. The best sites are also subject to a third-party review system, which provides non-biased oversight and insight, and assists regulators in assuring players in America and elsewhere that the site is safe and secure. In simple terms: these poker sites are continually audited to make sure they are on the up and up, and that they renew their gaming licenses on time. We use all of this information to deciding on an online poker site for US players.

What Are The Best Poker Sites For US Players?

Now you have a handle on the way these sites operate, who can use them, and what they offer. It is time to either check out our reviews, or head over to your favorite online poker site and start hitting the felt. You can be sure that picking any of the sites that we tout will mean playing with the best. We have a long list of criteria that we judge these sites by, and only the creams of the crop make it on our list.

U.S. Poker Sites New Player Promo Avg. Traffic (Peak / Non) Visit
Bovada Poker 100% To $1,000 In Player Points 20,000 players / 7,500 players VISIT
BetOnline Poker Up To $900 Each Deposit Made 15,000 players / 6,000 players VISIT
SportsBetting Poker 15% - 25% Match On All Deposits 12,000 players / 5,000 players VISIT

How Do I Join A Legal Poker Site?

Once you choose an online poker site for US players, you will just need to fill out some contact information and supply a valid email address. None of these sites charge a membership fee or have hidden costs. You can play at the free tables as much as you’d like before deciding to make a deposit. If you ever come across a site that charges, mark them off your list and move on. Joining an online poke sites that accepts US players should always be free and simple.

How Do I Fund My Online Poker Account?

The best online poker sites for US players offer more than one way to fund your account. The sites that we reccomend for gambling for US players will all at least offer credit/debit deposits, and usually include many alternative methods such as cash wire transfers, money orders, and bitcoin. You can access all of this information by going to the cashier section of the site, which will have your current balance, and allow you to make deposits and withdrawals.

There are laws that restrict overseas gaming sites from sending funds directly to a credit/debit card, so you will choose from a list of alternative safe payout options. These sites offer payouts in the form of cash wire transfers, checks, bank wires, gift cards, bitcoin, and more. Most players choose to withdraw via check or cash wire (MoneyGram and Western Union). Check out the online cashier of the site you are using to learn more about each method.

Best Festures Of A Online Poker Site

We have been describing how safe, legal, and professional these sites are, but we haven’t touched on the types of games, mobile betting, bonuses, or any of the other great features of online poker sites for US players. You will find populated tables playing everything from Texas Hold’Em to Omaha Hi/Lo twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You will be privy to welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, poker specific rewards, and much more in the way of extra cash. These sites know how to reward loyal members. You will also find excellent and convenient mobile options that will let you take the game with you wherever you go.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Play Poker Online?

This is where it is a good idea to check your local state laws. All of the online poker sites for US players are 18 and up, with no exceptions. You will be following all the rules and laws if you are over 18, however we do recommend looking at your state betting age. Many states put the gambling age at 21, or even 19. Some states do not even have set ages. We recommend, of your state requires you to be older than 18, to wait until you are that age. While there has never been a recorded instance of a player over 18 getting into any trouble whatsoever when using an online poker site, it is best to be on the ultra-safe side. This is more for peace of mind than anything.

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