Legal Gambling Sites For US Players

If you are reading this, you are probably searching for quality legal gambling sites for US players. Well, you’re in luck, because they are out there, just waiting to be discovered. But we’ve saved you the hassle of having to find them for yourself. We’ve conducted an intensive search for the best gambling sites for US players, and we’ve come back with some choice nuggets. The sites we’ve found have some of the best features and options, and they are legal and safe.

Are Online Gambling Sites Legal In The U.S.?

Yes, if you choose the right ones. The only legal gambling sites based inside the United States are in Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey. You can only use these sites if you live in that specific state, though, so they are pretty useless to most people. It is legal, however, to use an online gambling site that is based somewhere outside of the US. These overseas online betting sites are actually very popular. After all, they are pretty much the only option available to most people. Moreover, they are also a better deal in many ways than the land-based counterparts.

What Laws Regulate Gambling Sites For US Players?

There are three major federal laws regulating gambling that you need to learn about. You may be unaware that the feeral government regulates most online gambling in the US, while states rarely have anything to say about it. Let's take a look at the three big laws that affect gambling sites in the US.

PASPA - The second major federal law you need to know about is the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act, which dates back to 1992, and bars sports betting in all but a few states. Although it was written with land-based sports betting in mind, it also prevents states from having online sports betting, with the exception of Nevada and Delaware. Since these states allowed sports betting prior to PASPA’s passage, they were allowed to craft their own legislation regarding sports betting. Not everyone agrees with the law, though. New Jersey lawmakers are currently trying to challenge it in court. PASPA does not affect online gambling sites for US players.

UIGEA - The first is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). This law was passed in 2006 and restricts the types of methods an overseas gaming site can use to send funds. It is a quite controversial law for several reasons. One, it was attached to the end of an unrelated law, the Safe Port Act, and hastily ram-rodded through Congress. Two, many politicians say it is discriminatory and unconstitutional because it grants special privilege to Nevada and Delaware in regrads to online wagering. However, this law has little affect on the sites that you will be using. They all have numerous legal payout methods that will get you your winnings fast.

The Wire Act - The final federal law you should be aware of is the Wire Act, passed in 1961 as a countermeasure against organized crime. The law prevents sports betting operators transferring money or betting information from state to state. This law was originally designed to counter the rise in organized crime that was becoming a huge problem at the time. The Wire Act has been amended several times since then. Recently, there has been an attempt to restore the Wire Act to its original intent. This revamp is known as the Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA). So far, though, it has had little success in Congress and is unlikely to be passed. The Wire Act does not affect the online gambling sites for US players. Are you starting to see a pattern here? While these federal laws regulate gambling in America with strict rules, they do not have much affect on the overseas betting sites that you will be using.

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What States Have Legal Online Gambling?

All states have gambling for U.S. players, but you have to make sure you are using a site that is located outside of the United States. This is because the only states within the US that have online gambling sites are Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware. However, you have to be a resident of one of those states to use their online gambling sites. The reason overseas sites are legal is because they aren’t subject to US law. They operate legally in their home countries, and there is nothing to prevent you from using an overseas site.

Who Can Join US Online Gambling Sites?

Most of the best legal online gambling sites accept US players from all 50 states. Be careful, though, because age laws are different in every state. Most states set the age at 21, although some have a lower gambling age. In Idaho, Montana, Rhode Island, and Wyoming, for example, the betting age is only 18. Alabama is the only state that sets the age at 19. A handful of states (Hawaii, Florida, District of Columbia, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee, and Alaska) do not have any specified age laws. If your state does set a betting age, most sites require that you be at least 18.

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Benefits of Legal Online Gambling Sites

There are lots of benefits of online gambling sites instead of land-based sites. For one, online sites are the most convenient way to bet. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home. You’ll never have parking problems or have to deal with annoying crowds ever again.

Online sites also offer fantabulous bonuses. These include welcome bonuses for new players, reload bonuses for regulars, refer-a-friend bonuses, live and mobile bonuses, etc. If you’ve never tried mobile betting, it’s an excellent way for you to take the betting experience wherever you want to go.


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