Daily Fantasy Sports Sites

The concept of daily fantasy sports is a fresh and extremely popular new spin on traditional fantasy sports. It is perfect for the interconnectivity of the internet as well, with sites offering amazing contests that players can compete in for a single game, or a weeklong string of competitions. While traditional fantasy sports tournament require players to assemble a single team for an entire season, daily fantasy sports allows you to create a team for a single game, or a series of games, and see the results right at the end. You can then assemble an entirely new team for the next game. Most of these daily fantasy sports sites also offer same-day payouts, making the action fast and furious compared to traditional fantasy sports.

Are Daily Fantasy Sports Sites Legal?

Yes they are. US citizens can join a daily fantasy sports site that is located inside the country and play for real money legally. This is because the federal laws that regulate wagering in the US all have exemptions for fantasy sports contests. They are considered games of skill, rather than chance, and are therefore excluded from the restrictions that apply to “illegal wagering”. Fantasy sports sites are able to operate in America with impunity, and millions of sports fans regularly play for real money and collect big payouts every day. There is nothing stopping you from being one of these people as long as you are over eighteen.

One other caveat: some states do have strict rules about any kind of online gaming, or they already have similar sites set up in their borders, and do not want their residents using outside sites. These states are Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, and Washington. If you live in one of these states, you will only be able to enter free contests at the daily fantasy sports sites. This is unfortunate, but the laws are changing in favor of allowing all forms of online gaming every year, so keep an eye on them and soon your state might change its tune.

Can I Play Daily Fantasy Sports For Real Money?

You sure can. Since daily fantasy sports sites offer contests that are defined as skill-based and not regular gambling for US players, there is nothing wrong with playing for real money. Whereas sports betting sites must operate overseas and offer alternative payout methods in order to serve US players, daily fantasy sports sites are exempt from these laws and are able to function in the US and offer PayPal, credit/debit, and check options for depositing and withdrawing.

The majority of players use PayPal to make automatic deposits and lightning fast withdrawals. These daily fantasy sports sites that we recommend all offer payouts the same day a contest ends. Many players win and withdraw funds every day. The great thing about daily vs. traditional fantasy sports is that you can create a dream team, compete in a contest, and collect your money all in the same day. This is very convenient compared to having to wait until a season wraps up to see your hard-earned cash.

How Do I Play Daily Fantasy Games?

The first step in getting in on a daily fantasy sports contest is to pick a site to join. We highly suggest reading our reviews because we will only point you to the best of the best daily fantasy sports sites out there. Once you sign up for free, you can decide whether you want to create a profile, or just play anonymously. Once you are a member you will want to choose a contest, each of which you can read about on the site.

Daily Fantasy Sites Welcome Bonus Offer Fastest Deposit / Payout Visit
Fanduel $200 Match Bonus Credit + Debit / PayPal VISIT
DraftKings $200 Match Bonus Credit + Debit / PayPal VISIT

Daily Contest Types

There are many contest types to participate in at the daily fantasy sports sites. The most popular are guaranteed tournaments, head-to-heads, and 50/50s. Guaranteed tournaments will payout the same reward amount no matter how many participants there are, so if the prize is $100,000 and only two players join, you got a 50% chance of winning a hundred grand. Head-to-head tournaments allow you to play against any one player, whether it is a friend or a stranger. Most people tend to use this to play against a good friend on a single game, comparing strategies. 50/50 contests payout prize money to finishers ranked in the top-half. These are great for newer players as there is a high chance of winning or at least breaking even. Check out the contest types page on the daily fantasy sports site that you are using to learn more.

Sports That Are Available To Play

Most daily fantasy sports sites offer at least the “big four”, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, as well as college football and basketball. Alternatively, some sites focus on a single sport. The sites that we will point you to offer many sports to get in on. They all offer the six mentioned above, and some even have contests for PGA, MMA, and soccer. Whether you are a sports fanatic or a casual fan, you will have a blast at any of our favorite daily fantasy sports sites.

Daily Fantasy Bonuses

These prestigious daily fantasy sports sites know how to reward new and old players. Right off the bat, you will get a welcome bonus that can as much as double your initial deposit. This is usually presented as an option when you decide to make that first deposit, and you can choose the bonus amount. The bonus money will deposit into your account gradually as you continue to play in contests. This is a really great way to make your first few months much more profitable. Many of these sites also offer points that will accrue the more you play, which you can then use to purchase stuff from the online store, or even trade in for cash! The bonuses can’t be beat, and we have barely scratched the surface of what is offered. Check out the promotions page to learn more.

Daily Fantasy Sports Sites

Now it is time for you to amass your dream team and put them to work. Daily fantasy sports sites offer the most exciting and immediate thrill for the sports fan. You can watch your player odds update in real time on your computer or your mobile device, and collect your winnings in the same day. Daily fantasy sports are still in their infancy, and you can bet that these already amazing sites will only get better. Now is the time to join in on the fun!

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